Thirst for self worth: SixAteTea’s top 5 tips!

1. Remind yourself how amazing your body is

Your body is made up of 50 trillion cells and every second or every minute of our lives those cells are helping you breathe, move, eat, laugh, love and repair without any thought. They do this everyday, passing no judgement on what we give to them but always with one intention, to prolong our lives. So be gentle on yourself your doing the best you can.

2. You are enough

When we were younger we spent everyday skipping, playing, dancing and singing knowing that we were special, we were loved and we were completely enough being who we were. Somewhere along the path of age we forget this childhood self-worth. We start questioning that we arnt enough the way we are. We make up a story the we’re not smart enough, not skinny enough, not nice enough, not on time enough, not wealthy enough or good looking enough.

If you find your mind thinking like this remind yourself; You were born enough, nothing you say or do with ever subtract that from who you are!

dr libby

3. Take time to reflect on what you’ve achieved

It is easy to forget about all the amazing things you’ve achieved in your lifetime. And thats just it, you have achieved so many amazing things that nobody else has done, you are truly unique. Forgetting how inspirational we are can ring particularly true to those of us who don’t like talking about ourselves. If this is you make sure you take some time every week to reflect on all that you have achieved that week, go to your favourite place and reflect on how amazing you are, write a journal or catch up with friends and share your life stories. Perhaps look through old photos that remind you of good times, or read old messages from people who have thanked you or given you praise. This is amazing for self confidence and worth.

4. Don’t ever judge

No one in the world is made the same as you are. No one else can think the way you think, no one else can laugh like you, talk like you, make a fool of yourself like you. Our bodies do not process food, recover from exercise, store fat, build muscles in the same way that anybody else’s do. We are truly unique. Embrace everything about yourself that makes you you, no one else can do it. We can never be another person, so be the best version of you!

5. Realise you Love yourself

This one has got to be my favourite. Since I realised this it changed the way i think everyday. There is much to say about the way we look after and care for ourselves. If you treat your body like its the most important thing on the planet than you are informing it of your love. I recently learnt from an amazing lady that if we look deep inside our subconscious thoughts and actions, whether it harsh or beautiful each process has one intension. You do it because you love yourself! You want to protect yourself from being hurt or rejected and thrive on those things that bring you joy. We may say harsh things to ourselves like ‘you have no self control’ or ‘he’s too good for you’ in an attempt to protect us from change or rejection, however whether our thoughts or actions are positive or negative, either way each voice is yelling out to you ‘I LOVE YOU AND IM NEVER LETTING YOU GET HURT!’. Remember this and treat yourself with the upmost love it deserves.


Find out what makes you truly happy and do it religiously, until your soul is beaming with rays of joy.




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  One thought on “Thirst for self worth: SixAteTea’s top 5 tips!

  1. November 19, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    thanks @tylercornwall7, @costsavingsexpert, @~ Laura


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