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The Hidden Meaning of SixAteTea?

Have you ever wondering what SixAteTea actually means? Such a witty little phrase, three words combined, multiple meanings yet contradictory in itself. Like all things i cherish in my life there is a deep meaning or story behind it. So when thinking up a name for my blog, creative thinking kicked in. It only took me a long morning walk…

Welcome from SixAteTea!

Nutrition lovers, health geeks, sports fans, wellness warriors and all natural nourishers, welcome to SixAteTea! My name is Ash Thomas and am so exited to publish my blog to the world. SixAteTea is all about spreading the word about the power of nutrition, healthy living and love. Follow me on my journey as I blog about current nutrition trends, links…

The Furious Gazelle

Literary as hell.


An American in Quirky Johannesburg


TriTech for the Masses

Delicious plant-based, whole food recipes & my healthy living tips!