Month: February 2015


Did you ever wonder why drinking sea water would makes us more thirsty and ultimately make you more dehydrated? Sure we all know its because its salty but how does salt relate to water concentration in the body? This theory always rattled me too, until I was finally presented with the scientifically reasoning for it when I studied for a…

Marijke Walshe Athlete Profile

Marijke Walshe Age: 29 Sport: Triathlon What is your greatest achievement?  Finishing my first Ironman. You are known for your passion in nutrition and health. How did you first become interested in this field?  I’ve always had an interest in nutrition and health, but it really became a passion after one of my good friends told me to read vegan…

Valentine Beetroot Brownies

Bring some Love to the table, picnic, dinner or moonlight walk this Valentine’s days with my Valentine Beetroot brownies. Beetroots have been proven to improve stamina, assist blood flow,  help lower blood pressure and are packed full or vitamin C and iron. Hmm stamina and blood flow, does that ring a bell on common valentines day activities? And don’t worry…

Annalie Houston SixAteTea Profile

Name: Annalie Age: over 30☺ Sport: Anything ocean/ water related. And bike related. Not both together though☺ What is your greatest achievement?  Completing an Ironman♥ You are known for your passion in nutrition and health. How did you first become interested in this field?  I loved sport and good food- and I heard there was a profession that involved talking about…

Christmas choc, avocado, raspberry cake

Still need a nice little recipe for the festive season? I tossed this one together for Christmas day and it found its way into the hearts of my tastebuds (Lets be honest though i made it so i could enjoy a raw treat to celebrate the festivities). So if you need a dessert that punches guilt in the face, establishes yourself as…

You can think up the perfect diet.

What you perceive to be true or what you believe to be factual can play a powerful role in your own health and wellbeing. Of course you cant defy some biochemical reactions from occurring, such as the response of insulin to high blood glucose levels, but ignorance can often be bliss. If you are well educated on nutrition, the human…

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