Marijke Walshe Athlete Profile

Marijke Walshe

Age: 29

Sport: Triathlon

What is your greatest achievement? 

Finishing my first Ironman.

You are known for your passion in nutrition and health. How did you first become interested in this field? 

I’ve always had an interest in nutrition and health, but it really became a passion after one of my good friends told me to read vegan Triathlete Brendan Brazier’s book “Thrive”. For me, this book solidified the importance of nutrition; not only to improve athletic performance, but also for everyday wellbeing. Since then, I’ve continued to read as much as I can on the topic.

What “one change” have you made to your diet that has had the biggest and most positive impact on wellbeing? 

Adding more plants to my diet.

But also (I know, it said “one”) not to feel guilty if I have a “bad” meal. Being too obsessive isn’t healthy either.

What’s your secret food addiction/habit? 

Nut (and coconut) butters!! I LOVE them! I’ve been known to just eat them out of the jar with a spoon.

If you were stranded on an island and you could only take one food with you what would you take? 

Coconut butter.

What does your usual daily routine look like? 

An early rise, usually before the sun, to get out and train before work. I love the mornings. It’s the best part of the day.

On my lunch break, regardless of whether it’s raining, freezing or stinking hot, I get out for 30mins. I think it’s really important to move. Also just to escape the office environment and the constant sitting in front of computers. I like to free my mind for a short while.

After work, it’s either training again, socialising or just relaxing before bed.

How important do you believe nutrition is in achieving your goals and why? 

I believe it is exceptionally important and unfortunately often underrated. Good nutrition not only fuels you for your training sessions, but it plays a major role in how you then recover from those sessions and assists in remaining injury free.

It’s not just about performance and recovery good nutrition makes you feel better. It can reduce many different types of stress and despite the incredible amounts of stress I place on my body with the training that I do, I almost never get sick and I attribute that 100 percent to my diet.

What do you do everyday without fail that contributes to your optimum wellbeing?

Something I want to do.Not something I should do.

Whether it’s taking my pup for a walk, reading a book, catching up with friends or family or even just stretching; I like to find time to just unwind and relax.

What do you always have with you in carry on luggage when you travel by air? 

For domestic flights, I take a bottle of water and I always have a good book and my iphone ear plugs so I can have my favourite tunes on. For longer flights, as well as my water, book and ear plugs, I take coconut water and my own food so I don’t have to eat what’s provided on the plane.

If you could relate yourself to a specific food what would you be? 

Something that grows by the beach because I love the sun and the water.

What advice would you provide someone who wants to start on the path to wellness? 

Surround yourself with positive people, make time for yourself to do what you love to do.

Do you have a favourite healthy recipe? 

Ice cream! It used to be banana and chocolate (cacao), but I’ve recently discovered mango and coconut. All you have to do is chop up some mangoes and freeze them. Once frozen, process it with a can of coconut cream. So good!!

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