Month: September 2014

The Chocolate Pudding

In order to keep learning we must keep our minds open, our passion thriving and our adventurous nature always present. When it comes to new recipes i find its when i have limited ingredients at hand my creativity kicks in. The result. A blog worthy treat. The 4 ingredients Homemade almond milk – 1 cup Cacao – 1 tablespoon Stevia…

Ryan Gregson

Name: Ryan Gregson Age: 24 Sport: Athletics Greatest Achievement: Australian 1500m record holder 1. What does a typical day look like in your life? Eat, run, recover, eat, rest, study, gym, run, eat, TV, sleep. 2. How often and what type of training do you do? I train twice or 3 times a day. Training involves hard running sessions, moderate…

Sea of Green

Want a quick little snack or a light lunch/dinner. These ‘Sea of Green’ mini wraps are the ultimate energy packed recipe. I love making these at any time in the day. The saltiness of the nori sheets combined with the fresh vegetables and spices gives a great dose of iodine for our thyroids, essential fatty acids to help our satiety,…

The Furious Gazelle

Literary as hell.


An American in Quirky Johannesburg


TriTech for the Masses

Delicious plant-based, whole food recipes & my healthy living tips!