Hello all my foodies, fitness fanatics, wellness warriors and health gurus my name is Ash Thomas and I am the creator of SixAteTea! I am originally a ‘Gong’ (wollongong,Aus) girl but am currently situated on the Sunshine Coast, Aus.I am a qualified Physical Education teacher and am in my second year back at university studying Nutrition and Dietetics.

After rupturing my Anterior Cruciate Ligament twice I was driven out of training with the NSWIS for basketball and into the sport of triathlon. It wasn’t long before I was obsessed with the sport. However this obsession with training, physical figure and performance also lead to eating disorders and exercise compulsion. It was only months after starting triathlon I fell underweight, not recognising this I made no changes and was only at the start of 2013 that I started paying dividends for my habits.


Repetitively placing my body under stress I soon became anaemic, had multiple nutrition unbalances, hormonal issues and improper dietary habits. Emotionally I was at a low with my body constantly trying to fight back to reach equilibrium but lacking the nutrients to do so. I knew something had to change but didn’t know where to start! Change sports? Change diet? Rest? Change lifestyle? Address emotions?

So I did all of them!♥

After completing my teaching degree in 2012 i travelled for 8 months working in the ski fields in Canada, living on a tri camp in Florida and training with an elite Australian triathlon squad in Spain. It was an amazing adventure where I grew so much as a person and began questioning what I was really passionate about.

It soon hit me it was nutrition and health. When I returned home I enrolled in the university of Sunshine Coast for nutrition and dietetics. One month later I moved up here, met some of my most cherished friends who make me happy to live everyday, changed my attitude about exercising not to loose weight but because it’s makes me happy, read a million books on nutrition and health, changed my diet to eliminating sugar, reducing carbohydrates and eating lots of good fats and grass fed meats.

It changed my life! I now don’t wake up and stress about what I am or aren’t going to eat that day or how much exercise I can get done but rather thrive on what each new day brings!

I’m so exited to spread my new knowledge on nutrition and health and with others help provide you all with factual information on such a misconceived and subjective topic!

Love yourself and seize the day 🙂


Join the natural nourishers and leave a comment!!

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