Month: December 2014

Are you prone to Stress Fractures?

I had a stress fracture to the navicular bone in the foot when I was 15. I was in a boot for 8 weeks and then in rehab for 6 weeks. All athletes know that when you have an injury time slows down and weeks seem like months. I was told when they discovered this fracture that I had done…

Do you know how Caffeine works?

Over 90% of the adults in the western world consume caffeine every day. Coffee consumption is a huge contributor to this statistic. In fact, Australians alone are able to fill an olympic size swimming pool with coffee pods every week. Whether it be for habit, for social reasons, for an energy boost or athletic performance were swimming in coffee. However…

The Furious Gazelle

Literary as hell.


An American in Quirky Johannesburg


TriTech for the Masses

Delicious plant-based, whole food recipes & my healthy living tips!