Annalie Houston SixAteTea Profile

Name: Annalie

Age: over 30☺

Sport: Anything ocean/ water related. And bike related. Not both together though☺

What is your greatest achievement? 

Completing an Ironman♥

You are known for your passion in nutrition and health. How did you first become interested in this field? 

I loved sport and good food- and I heard there was a profession that involved talking about sport and good food all day and I thought “that sounds like me”!

What ‘one change’ have you made to your diet that has had the biggest and most positive impact on your wellbeing? 

To not be so strict with my eating and training.

What’s your secret food addiction/habit? 

It’s no secret but it’s definitely an addiction– COFFEE! And I have a habit of secretly ordering 2 at once.

If you were stranded on an island and you could only take one food with you what would you take? 

Pink lady apples. I don’t think I would sleep at all if I only had coffee with me.

What does your usual daily routine look like? 

Coffee, exercise, coffee with friends, laugh, work or ocean time (depending on whether it is a week day or weekend), yoga and bed.

How important do you believe nutrition is in achieving your goals and why?

It’s important but it’s not the “be all and end all”. It certainly plays a role in helping us to achieve our goals but

I think everyone has gone a bit overboard lately with the strictness and fad diets that are out there- leading everyone to think they can’t enjoy food☺

What do you do everyday without fail that contributes to your optimum wellbeing?

If I am in the city I do yoga, if I am up the coast I get in the ocean. I also make sure I spend time with friends over coffee in the morning to start the day well☺

What do you always have with you in carry on luggage when you travel by air?

A good book. And a green tea bag.

If you could relate yourself to a specific food what would you be?

Not sure- maybe a coconut as then I could be hanging off a palm tree on a tropical island by the beach- happy as Larry☺

What advice would you provide someone who wants to start on the path to wellness? 

Take one step at a time and celebrate your achievements- even the smallest ones☺ And no one is perfect☺ And seek support☺ That is 3 pieces of advice sorry!

Do you have a favourite healthy recipe? 

Not really but I love anything that involves baked pumpkin- so maybe a baked pumpkin salad- with baby spinach leaves, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, mustard seed and olive oil dressing yummmmm. Not sure if it’s super healthy but it’s very delicious☺

Where can we contact you?


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