You can think up the perfect diet.

What you perceive to be true or what you believe to be factual can play a powerful role in your own health and wellbeing. Of course you cant defy some biochemical reactions from occurring, such as the response of insulin to high blood glucose levels, but ignorance can often be bliss.

If you are well educated on nutrition, the human body and the latest science on training principles, you can often overthink, hold guilt or get anxious about not seizing optimal health with every decision you make. This happens to me often, although i have got so much better at it, this is an example of what my past mind went through when i witnessed people eating certain foods or placing their body under demands from training, drug abuse or lack of sleep (i am going to use sucrose i.e. sugar for this example). 

‘That biscuit will be packed with so much refined sugar, oh my gosh his blood sugar levels are going to sore in a second and then, aw there goes insulin the fat storing hormone. His poor liver with all that stress from fructose, let alone he is drinking water as well gosh his stomach acid has to now work twice as hard to produce the right amount of hydrochloric acid to breakdown that food he is throwing down his throat. Digestion disaster. He will have a massive low in an hour or two where he will crave something sweet again, feel tired, probably get a coffee. Obviously he wont be able to stop consuming these biscuits now until the packet is gone due to the opioid effect that sugar has on the brain. How is he not obese, seriously!’

Ridiculous isn’t it. This is flooding through my mind yet i am just sitting across the room from him, i don’t even know this person. Whilst he is just sitting there checking his emails and happily downing a packet of biscuits no thought, no guilt, not biochemical evaluation to it.

My point here is that you can to some extent think your way to health.

If you are a health nutter and you go out to lunch with your mum who has made you a salad wrap with love, don’t immediately do your nutritional calculations on the wrap. Don’t ask if its gluten, sugar, dairy free, if the vegetables are organic or have been washed in vinegar to get rid of any pesticides, if the wraps came out of a packet, arr processed, preservatives! 

Of course when you cook at home and choose to eat out i encourage everyone to choose local, organic, food from nature which is bursting with nutritional density. But when food is made with love and it still holds many nutritional properties, eat it with gratitude you had someone lovingly making it for you.

Don’t think about it at night, don’t hold guilt that you broke the rules and don’t punish yourself.

The same principle goes if you have a binge day, you miss training for some reason or you don’t perform the way you expected. Beating yourself up about things can have much worse implications than eating a piece of white bread or missing that second swim session for the day because you got stuck at work.

Believe that what you are doing in right, trust your century old technology wired into your body and think your way to the perfect health!



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