The Pursuit of Happiness

Where all on the pursuit of happiness. To some this comes with money, for others its the smile on their kids face. It may be freedom, it may be a loving partner, a place, a lifestyle or the perfect career.

I think that happiness for many in our western world is like tomorrow.

It is always coming but never arrives.

Because when our perceived happiness arrives we have already created a new intention to seek out. A new intention which we believe will definitely bring ultimate happiness.

So we continue on this ritual, this habit of continuously seeking out further additions to our lives. It isn’t until we stop, breathe and look at what we already have that brings so much happiness to our lives that we realise how precious life is, how much gratitude we have towards ourselves and how many people love us. When you float outside of your body like this and look down upon your life, what you have achieved, how much happiness you have brought to others lives, you realise you can control your own happiness.

I was once on the quest for ultimate happiness like so many others in this big blue planet of ours. it wasn’t until i sought out all the gratitude in my life i realised i control my own happiness! I can do waterer i want to do, i can think waterer i want to think, no one else can control my happiness but myself.


The other day i took my grateful rant to Facebook as i floated angle like, out of my body, watching over my life like a big screen movie. I thought of every life changing decision i had made throughout my life, the good and the bad. I began feeling ultimately in ore of my own personality. I recognised that i had made some bad decisions over my years but the best decisions completely overpowered any bad choices i had ever made. Each choice had lead me to mind-blowing adventures, new friends, self worth, knowledge and to this amazing life i now live.

What makes you happy? Don’t think of will potentially make you happy, but what truly makes you happy right now. Reach out and grab that happiness. Seize it everyday! My best friend and i have a joke when were not sure if we should do something outgoing, something new, something abnormal, we remind each other that we only have 100 years. ( I know statistically we have approximately less than 100 but a century sounds good). When you think of life this way, there is no time to waste. No time to ponder what will maybe make you happy but get out and grab those things that are sure to definitely make you happy. Don’t be afraid of change, be afraid of never trying.

    So shine your happiness with proof, because we can all be rooms without a roof!

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