Why the Calorie equation is just not true!

How many times has it been instilled in us that if we burn more calories than we consume weight loss is guaranteed? How many of you are living proof that this does not work, yet we are continuously reinforced that this is the only solution to weight loss and so we train harder and eat less but nothing changes? I am one of these people and the consequence of my weight gain led me to figure out exactly why this theory does not hold true and i want to share it with you.

Thanks to the continuous reading of my favourite Aussie biochemist who i am in ore of, Dr Libby weavers books and the study of Nutrition and Dietetics i have learnt that everything the body does is in attempt to prolong life. So when i am amazingly frustrated at how my body responds to my full hearted attempts to decrease body fat i keep reminding myself that my body is only doing what it does to save my life. Keep that in mind, your body is absolutely amazing.

Okay so back to why the calorie equation isn’t true.

  1. The calorie equation doesn’t consider the importance of nutrients NOT CALORIES and their need to maintain organ function, or the toxic chemicals in processed food which can cause havoc to organ function potentially leading to weight gain.
  2. The calorie equation does not consider emotional habits and their relationship to the release of stress hormones and their down regulation of metabolic rate and damage to organs.

  3. The calorie equation doesn’t consider the physiological and metabolic effect of food in the body e.g. sugars and the release of insulin, caffeine and its effect on adrenals, liver, nervous system and stress production, alcohol and its effect on the liver and endocrine system.

  4. The calorie equation doesn’t consider the effect of sex hormones and how an imbalance can promote fat storage, control our mood, fluid retention and metabolism.

  5. The calorie equation doesn’t consider the effects of adrenalin or cortisol on our metabolism.

  6. The calorie equation doesn’t consider the effect of the thyroid gland and its role in controlling metabolic rate.

  7. The calorie equation doesn’t consider that the gut bacteria in our large intestines can change what calories are worth.

  8. The calorie equation doesn’t consider that it sets up a lifetime of guilt and worry in people living in fear of food and does not address the reasons why people overeat.

  9. The calorie equation doesn’t consider the impact of the Nervous system and its ability to either utilise fat or glucose for energy.

Dr Libby explains all of these reasons and more in her books Accidentally overweight, The calorie Fallacy, Rushing women’s syndrome and Beauty from the inside out. I thoroughly encourage all my readers to get your hands on her books they are life changing. Furthermore i will be writing a post on all of these points in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned!

So before you judge yourself or others on their size and assume they must be the way they are because of the lack of exercise they do or the poor food choices they make, consider the physiological factors that they may be facing.

You have no idea what its like to be someone else!

Treat everyone with the upmost respect and appreciation that brought them into your life and stop living by the calorie bible and live through nutrients that will make you healthy and result in weight loss if there is weight to loose.


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