The Chocolate Pudding

In order to keep learning we must keep our minds open, our passion thriving and our adventurous nature always present.

When it comes to new recipes i find its when i have limited ingredients at hand my creativity kicks in. The result. A blog worthy treat.

The 4 ingredients
Homemade almond milk – 1 cup
Cacao – 1 tablespoon
Stevia – 1 teaspoon
Avocardo – 1 whole

Mix all ingredients into a blender and serve with berries, nuts, seeds, coconut yoghurt or your favourite breakfast muesli.

This little ripper adds some amazingly good fats to kick that satiety, little bit of sweetness from my plant friend stevia, throw in some antioxidants from cacao

Not to mention an amazing chocolate flavour

and you have a great little pudding so versatile i have even eaten it with a plate of greens 🙂

Enjoy. Eat with love and gratitude, you are unbelievably amazing!!



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