Sea of Green

Want a quick little snack or a light lunch/dinner. These ‘Sea of Green’ mini wraps are the ultimate energy packed recipe. I love making these at any time in the day. The saltiness of the nori sheets combined with the fresh vegetables and spices gives a great dose of iodine for our thyroids, essential fatty acids to help our satiety, vitamin C from tahini and sulforaphane from broccoli, which helps kill cancer cells and doesn’t inactivate during cooking!! What an awesome food,

Eat Broccoli People!

Handfull of Baby Spinach leaves
1 Avocado
1 Broccoli head (Steamed) and/or grass fed meat
Tahini spread
Dukkah or himalayan salt, black pepper, sesame seeds
Nori Sheets

1. Cut Nori sheets in half.
2. Spread Avocado and Tahini on one end of sheet.
3. sprinkle Dukkah or spices over paste.
4. place a few Spinach leaves, broccoli piece or meat at same end as paste.
5. roll the sheet up nice and tight.


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