Why are good Fats and Protein essential in every meal?

Do you often still feel hungry after eating meals and guzzle down second or third servings? Always wanting something after your main meal never really feeling satisfied? Your answer could be in your macro nutrient proportion!

When we eat food it travels down our oesophagus and into our stomach. The stomach is the first organ to start breaking down our food.

When its empty our stomach is the size of our fist. Thats tiny!!

When we consume food our stomach expands to accommodate for the food. Food sits in the stomach for approximately 30 minutes to allow stomach acid and other digestive enzymes to keep breaking down the food. When the stomach reaches a certain stretch capacity the nerve ends send a message to the brain to signal that we have just eaten.

This nervous response however only applies to carbohydrates.

After eating a huge meal that is carbohydrate dominant do you still feel hungry, but 20-30 minutes later realise you are actually full?

When protein and fat enter our mouths and we start chewing neurone messengers are immediately sent from our mouth to our brains satiety centre informing us we are eating. For this satiety reason and to prevent our stomachs neurone system becoming use to being overstretched and therefore never feeling truly satisfied, it is vital to always consume a good quality fat and/or protein source at every meal!



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