The Hidden Meaning of SixAteTea?

Have you ever wondering what SixAteTea actually means? Such a witty little phrase, three words combined, multiple meanings yet contradictory in itself. Like all things i cherish in my life there is a deep meaning or story behind it. So when thinking up a name for my blog, creative thinking kicked in. It only took me a long morning walk through my local rainforest track to pin point a name for my new association.


This little phrase i made up combines a number of hidden meanings which are in some way connections to myself. It is time for me to share these meanings with you!

The Hidden Meaning to SixAteTea

1. When i was completing my first university degree i acquired a nickname of A.T derived from my initials. My friends from my home town of Wollongong and those who i went through university with often still call me this. When pronounced A.T sounds very similar to ‘AteTea’. This phrase is nutritionally related and coincides with my blog topic.

2. ‘Tea’ can be refered to as tea you drink relating it to nourishing with food from nature or tea the social timing of when we eat and our instilled societal interpretation that we need to eat a certain number of meals at specific times, which i believe is very much a learnt habit and many of us don’t eat only when we are truly hungry.

3. The number ‘Six’ has always been my favourite number, however this was just coincidence to the fact that there are 6 types of food groups ; carbs, protein,fat, vitamins, minerals and water.

4. As a whole word if you are relating to ‘Tea’, the eating occasion, ‘SixAteTea’ relates to nourishing yourself with all types of raw whole foods. If you are relating to ‘Tea’ the drink the phrase becomes controversial as you can’t really eat tea! Or can you? This discrepancy relates to all the controversy surrounding nutrition. I blog about everything nutrition and health trying to separate fact from fiction to educate todays society on real information with no media persuasion, no false accusations and bringing forth innovative science for everyone to gain knowledge on.

I hope you now understand the true meaning of SixAteTea and hope it drives you to find what passions or beliefs bring purpose to your life. Making you the most complex yet amazing person you are!


Join the natural nourishers and leave a comment!!

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