The Green Easy Eat

Sometimes it’s when you only have one vegetable left in your fridge that you become more creative. When you still want to get a good meal with multiple nutrients into your system to start the day you find a new favourite dish!

My new creation, kale chips with Tao Nutrition powder. The recipe is so simple, yet so nourishing, aesthetically awesome and taste bud worthy. Your body jumps for joy as it receives vitamins from A, B1, K, E, folate, magnesium, antioxidants, omega-3 & 6 essential fatty acids not to mention the amount of fibre and satiety it brings. Causing no insulin spike from refined sugars or high carbohydrate content this has to be one of my new favourite quick recipes!

3 stems of Locally grown Kale ( use more for a bigger serving)
1 scoop of Tao Nutrition powder ( use Cacao/ Maca powder as an alternative)
1 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Coconut oil

Heat table spoon of oil on pan. Cut kale leaf into smallish pieces, remember to remove the stem and place in pan. Cook for 2 minutes in pan on low heat, kale pieces should be a rich green colour! Remove to bowl and sprinkle Tao powder over the top. This recipe also works well will good quality coconut yoghurt ( I use Burncultured) or an avocado and lime dressing!

As always remember to eat in a calm state, with love and gratitude in your decision to nourish your body with amazing nutrients to thrive and availability to such wonderful produce!




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