Be the Change….my yogi transformation !

Breathing, standing still in poses, relaxing and connecting to my spiritual self sounded like the most painful waste of time to me 2 weeks ago. I was a GOer, an energetic mover who if given a choice would always choose the most difficult and painful exercise thriving to challenge my body to physical limits. How did I change to this low intensity conscious being doing poses my past self would not have considered exercise but a soft persons attempt to be active. Don’t be quick to ridicule my past beliefs we all have different mindsets and this post is not about demeaning yoga but actually about how it’s changed my mindset and transported me into a yogi!

Each week I reflect on the week that just past and be grateful for everything that has happened to me and how much I’ve changed. It’s amazing how much happens in one week and if nothing happens, you need to change your habits! Life’s too short to be doing the same things over and over! This week I’ve changed to a completely different being, its crazy! Here’s how it happened.

Last week after re reading my favourite book again for about the 10th time ‘Accidently Overweight’ by Dr Libby Weaver I wrote a post on the benefits of breathing! If you haven’t read this go and read it on my blog it’s mind-blowing! So mind blowing I convinced my own conscious self that I needed to breathe better. Finally understanding that my body was almost defiantly SNS dominant from my continuous habit of strenuous training I came to terms that I needed to let my body recover. Yoga was the obvious activity choice to help me heal. If you don’t know me I was completely anal about doing at least two sessions of hard physical activity each day to be content. It has taken a significant mental change in my state of mind to have me stop running up mountains, ridding 100’s of kilometres, swimming till my arms were so sore It was a struggle to change gears on the drive home, doing cross fit and weights like I was in an Olympic final every session and turn to yoga. I love testing my body trying different things to see what happens whether it be different food, exercise, adventures I am my own test subject. so it was time for a new test!

So after one week of transforming into a yogi, practicing everyday (sometimes twice) this is what has happened to my body;

  • I am not sore all the time anymore I feel completely free like I did when I was a kid.
  • I have come to completely appreciate how absolutely miraculous my body is ( this May have also come about due to the fact I am studying chemistry and human physiology this semester) but yoga makes me place all those cellular thoughts into my own body and acknowledge the intricate crazy little processes that the human body can do.
  • I’m not stressed about what I eat or how much exercise I do in the day
  • I have no external pressure from what I perceived as expectations of others timing my swim splits or asking me how far I ran.
  • I became so connected to a spiritual presence that it took me to a place of my final resting, having me realise how many people love me and how important it is to keep those people in my life.
  • I began taking notice of perhaps small but miraculous things in my life I’m grateful for.
  • I feel physically stronger! yoga is actually really intense and muscularly straining who would have thought!
  • I get to focus on properly breathing for a whole hour telling every cell in my body that it is safe. There is nothing that it needs to get ready for, nothing to regulate it is free to repair and restore health.

Such an amazing week has me signed up to yoga for an entire year. I hope to return to my other activities in a few months but for now I am a yogi!

You may think this is a total load of animal waste product and that health is a matter of the old media jargon that we all grew up being taught, the ultimate equation of calories in verses calories out or that medication is the answer to illness. However there is no scientific debate over the power of the mind and breathe. Our whole bodies are so intricately connected and we can consciously control it, we can!

I will remain blogging about my yogi rituals but for now go read my blog on breathing and start including yoga, Thai chi, body balance or meditation into your weekly schedule! Remember you can change a lot in a week 🙂


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